»BENRO G2 BALLHEAD« - Powerful and accurate.

As a landscape and nature photographer, my tripod is my constant companion.

I have already introduced the tripod »BENRO TRAVEL ANGEL FTA29CV1«, which is equipped with a really good ballhead. With a ballhead, the camera can move freely in all directions and is therefore the right choice when it must be fast and accurate. As a photographer you are always looking for more comfortable solutions and possibilities. That's why I'm very happy that Benro provided me with the G2 ballhead.


The G2 is very high quality and belongs to Benro's most advanced tripod heads. The compact low profile design is ideal for photographers who use heavier DSLR cameras with longer lenses and high weight capacities.

The ballhead is made of anodised aluminum and the integrated blue, hand polished and hardened ball ensures an exact and soft camera positioning.


There are three separately adjustable screws on the Benro G2. A large locking screw for aligning the camera and a small screw that allows panoramic shots. At the locking screw, there is another small wheel, with which the friction can be adjusted. With this friction wheel, you can set how easy it is to move the ballhead with the locking screw completely loose. If I apply the friction accordingly, the camera on the ballhead can be moved only with difficulty even when the locking screw is released. The friction thus prevents tilting of the camera when you loosen the locking screw. And thereby prevents the camera with the lens can hit the tripod when you loosen the locking screw.


The G2 is equipped with an Arca-compatible quick release plate and, like all Benro's current ballheads, the G2 also has the P & T safety system (Pull & Twist), which prevents the plate from loosening if the safety screw is accidentally released. To loosen the plate, it must be withdrawn and turned again before the quick release plate can be released. The head is also equipped with a spirit level and a panoramic scale.

Technical details

P&T - Security System (Pull & Twist)

Locking screw and friction wheel

Panoramic screw with scale

Arca-Swiss-release plate

The ballhead of the G series is available in two variants:



• Weight 0.5 kg

• Height 8.8 cm

• Capacity 14kg

• Price about 200 euros



• Weight 0.7kg

• Height 9.6cm

• Capacity 16kg

• Price about 250 euros


The »BENRO G2 BALLHEAD« is the perfect ballhead for me.

Setting the G2 is very easy. When the friction is optimally adjusted, the alignment can be adjusted gently and smoothly without jerking. Even in cold temperatures, when using gloves, the G2 is extremely comfortable to use thanks to its large screws. The price-performance ratio is simply unbeatable.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

The »BENRO G2 BALLHEAD« on the field

Taken with the »BENRO TRAVEL ANGEL FTA29CV1« and the »BENRO G2 BALLHEAD«