»BENRO TRAVEL ANGEL FTA29CV1« – The compact lightweight of BENRO, perfect for traveling.

When I started photography years ago, it didn't take long until I bought my first tripod.

Even then I have had very good experiences with my old BENRO tripod. It is still in my possession and I have been using it for over 5 years. That's why I am very happy to be a BENRO Pro Partner since the end of 2017 and to be able to test their products. Because I travel a lot, the Travel Angel tripod was my first choice.


As a landscape and nature photographer, my tripod is my constant companion.


Many tripods are bulky and heavy. Photography can become a show of strength, especially in landscape photography. Because some motifs are only accessible by foot and you need to put back some kilometers on rough terrain.

But there are too many reasons to say that you always have the tripod with you, even in the sunshine. For example, if you would like to use a longer focal length because tele lenses take a much shorter shutter time, to avoid camera shake. Also with the use of gray gradient or ND filters, a tripod is indispensable. For the possibility to use different exposure times (cloud or wave movements), I would not like to do without. Also, a tripod offers the possibility of a clean panorama shot. Personally, I also think that the use of a tripod will pay more attention to the selection of the image.


Today I would like to introduce you to the »BENRO TRAVEL ANGEL FTA29CV1« it is part of BENRO's series of travel tripods. Made of carbon, lightweight and compact.

What does a tripod have to do?

There are important qualities that a tripod should have for me. It should be light, but stable and heavy enough to withstand wind. Also, it should be able to hold a certain load to support the heavy camera equipment. It should provide high vibration resistance to mitigate effects of the camera, the wind and the environment.


Even the easy and fast setting up is very important. Because sometimes there is only a very small time window to take the perfect shot.


All these tasks are handled without problems by the »BENRO TRAVEL ANGEL FTA29CV1«.

The »BENRO TRAVEL ANGEL FTA29CV1« in practice

The tripod incl. ball head comes with high-quality tripod bag, carrying strap, spikes, additional short center column, hand strap and handle (when used as a walking stick). The triple action ballhead has a quick release plate and easy to use rubberized knob controls for pan lock, drag and ball lock. There is also a spirit level on the head. 


The pack size is incredible 43cm. Fully extended, it reaches a working height of pleasant 165.5cm.


The tripod legs of the Travel Angel tripod kits can be folded 180 °. The segments consist of 9X layers of carbon fiber, with the 9th layer applied in the opposite direction. This achieves a high rigidity and torsional strength.


weight: 1860 g | Max. height: 143 cm | max height with extended center column: 165.5 cm |

max. head load: 10 kg | minimum height: 43 cm | Segments: 5

P&T - security system (Pull & Twist)

A safety system for securing a quick release plate to prevent the plate from loosening if the safety screw is accidentally released. To loosen the plate, it must be withdrawn and turned again before the quick release plate can be released.

Shock Absorber

All Travel Angel tripods are equipped with a kind of shock absorber. This rubber ring protects your equipment when the center column is retracted. The center column is reversible and equipped with a weighting hook. 

Leg Lock Typ: Twist Lock

All Travel Angel tripods are equipped with the secure screw cap. The screw cap provides maximum safety and protects against dirt and dust. Non-slip handles ensure that the tripod legs can be quickly and easily opened and locked.

Monopod function

The tripods are equipped with a one-leg function. Simply unscrew the leg (with the blue ring and foam handle), unscrew the weighting hook from the center column, pull the center column out of the guide and, in combination with the unscrewed tripod leg, get a monopod with sufficient working height.

My conclusion

The »BENRO TRAVEL ANGEL FTA29CV1« is a travel tripod with a small packing size and weight. It is made of carbon with clean processing. Without a doubt a good choice for me. Also, the supplied ball head comes in the usual BENRO quality and is optimal from the carrying load for my intended use.


The handling is easy and the tripod built up quickly. The ability to use the 3-legged tripod as a Monopod, I find it particularly beneficial when traveling.


Weight, packing size, working height and load capacity, the BENRO Travel Angel tripod scores extremely well in all areas and has exceeded my expectations. Also the price-performance ratio (475,00 €) is very good and this is an absolute buy recommendation from me!


My winter impressions taken with the »BENRO TRAVEL ANGEL FTA29CV1«