»The NiSi filter holder for the Laowa 12mm in test«

My photo equipment includes a wide range of lenses. One lens can't be missing, especially in the field of landscape photography. Sometimes a focal length of e.g. 17mm is not enough and I decided to buy the extremely wide-angled Venus Laowa 12mm f2.8.
Despite the enormous focal length and light intensity, it has outstanding optical quality. In addition, it is not possible to use 100mm filter with many other Ultra-wide-angle lenses, but with the Laowa 12mm I don't need an additional larger filter system. In order to use these, I need a filter holder.

Of course, I also have previously tested the original filter holder from Laowa. Unfortunately, this could not convince me. The use of ND filter with foam seal is e.g. not possible without an excessive vignetting.
Now NiSi Filters has developed a filter holder specifically for this lens. The NiSi filter holder is fully compatible with the circular polarization filter and two 100mm filters. Also the handling of the NiSi filer holder convinced me fully. Thanks to the practical holder which is attached with a click (similar to a lens hood), the assembly is done very quickly. When using the NiSi filter holder with two 100mm filters, almost zero vignetting is achieved. Only when the polarizing filter is used is a small vignetting, which can be quickly disappeared afterwards.


Laowa 12mm + NiSi 12mm Filter Holder  + 2 GND Filter

Laowa 12mm + NiSi 12mm Filter Holder + Polfiler + 2 GND Filter