»The NiSi V6 filterholder in test«

NiSi launched the NiSi V5 filter holder in 2016, and even then I was convinced of the product. The possibility to use a polarizing filter, which works independently of the rectangular filters used and does not generate any vignetting even at 16mm, convinced me as a landscape photographer right away. The subsequent V5-Pro also scored points with small changes, such as the landscape CPL filter and the improved filter slot clamps, which made it easier to insert the filters.


Since March 12, the new NiSi filter holder V6 is now available on the market and I was allowed to test it intensively in advance. The V6 builds on the already great design of the V5 Pro. So what could NiSi improve with the V6? I would now like to elaborate on that.


As we are used to from NiSi, the V6 filter holder comes with generous accessories.

The package consists of:


  • V6 filterholder 
  • Circular polarizing filter (per CPL or Landscape Pro CPL)
  • 82mm main adapter ring
  • Adapter rings in sizes 67mm, 72mm and 77mm
  • Filter holder bag


The first thing that strikes us is the changed shape.
The filter holder is slightly more compact and lighter, but not only the size change and the weight is positive, but also the benefits of this change was caused.

Thanks to the cut-outs on the corners of the filter holder, I can now much easier replace a used ND filter. Now the NiSi filter system can be adapted even faster to my needs.

The second change is a second screw that has been added. This special locking screw fixes the main adapter ring with integrated polarizing filter and the filter holder. By screwing the angle of the holder is fixed in the position in which it is set. This prevents the risk of the holder turning when you want to change a filter. Attaching and removing the CPL filter has also become easier compared to the V5 due to the new thread.

The design of the filter holder bag has been changed as well. The look is much more modern and the bag is very robust despite its soft look. There are several ways to attach the bag. It is possible to attach the bag to the tripod, on the belt, or e.g. on the strap of the photo backpack. Otherwise, the V6 filter holder has everything that its predecessor has brought.

It is made of aerospace grade aluminum, milled from a block and finished with a matte black finish to effectively prevent reflections. Up to 3 rectangular filters (100x100mm or 100x150mm) and a circular polarizing filter can be used without vignetting. The holder is 360 ° rotatable and compatible with common filter threads from 49mm to 95mm.


NiSi has also released a new "lens cap" for the main adapter ring. In practice, this means that we no longer need to unscrew the adapter ring with polarizing filter from the lens when not in use. This is best protected with the NiSi Lens Cap. This option has already offered the V5 filter holder, and was very appreciated by me.

But even here NiSi has changed and improved the material. The lid is much easier to put on and take off, especially in cold temperatures or when wearing gloves.

Matching the bag for the V6 filter holder, NiSi has launched a new filter bag with the same design, which can accommodate up to 9 filters. The bag offers good protection and clarity. It can be safely attached to the tripod. Unfortunately, I am missing the loop here to attach the bag to my belt. This could improve NiSi even more.

»Impressions taken with the V6 filter holder«