»Oberwerth Kate« – the luxurious photo bag for women

Every photographer knows it. You spend hours looking for the ideal bag for your camera equipment. Finding the perfect camera bag is not an easy job. Since I had recently bought a small mirrorless camera, which I mainly want to take on city trips, I still needed the appropriate bag. By chance, I came across the brand »Oberwerth«. The small bag manufactury based in Koblenz stands for quality and craftsmanship. Only high quality materials are used which are manufactured in Germany. All these are aspects that explain the high price of the bag. But I can promise you that the investment is meaningful. The quality products of »Oberwerth« can become a loyal and longtime companion. Today I want to share my experiences with the women's photo bag »Kate« with you. A stylish, multifunctional shoulder bag with many intelligent details that is a perfect companion for me as a photographer.

My first impression

Already when unpacking my package, it came to rapture.

First of all, this bag is breathtakingly beautiful and made of the finest cowhide leather.

The leather structure with the natural bumps and scar injuries gives the bag a very special charm. This bag has the look and feel of a high quality designer bag for ladies.

Let's take a closer look at »Kate« ...

The bag »Kate« is very changeable and comes with a clutch, a key case and two straps. The two additional pockets provide space for keys and other trifles. In my clutch are securely packaged my adapter rings to use a polarizer.

The included straps can be attached to the bag with a snap hook. The longer strap is adjustable and made of cotton. The short strap is ergonomically shaped and made of full leather. So the »Kate« can be worn comfortably on the shoulder or over the arm. The inner material is made of lightweight Cordura, produced in Germany. It protects the equipment from the weather, shocks and other damage. The spacious outside pocket can accommodate a tablet or personal items such as mobile phone and wallet. In addition, four more smaller compartments are attached to the insides of the bag.

The removable inside pocket offers enough space for a camera body, as well as two smaller lenses. These are protected by adjustable intermediate pads. It also has additional pockets for memory cards and other small parts. In addition, in the interior of the bag can be accommodated a 13 "laptop.

The »Kate« bag is not suitable for a extensive set-up. »Kate« is a relatively small bag (weight: 850g, with straps: 1050g,

inner dimensions: 26.5 x 17 x 10 cm, outer dimensions: 38 x 26.5 x 13 cm), but I can pack everything I need to be well-equipped for city trips.

The bag is closed with a leather flap which is equipped with a LOXX safety closure, a kind of push button with triggering self-locking. When closed by pressure, the upper and lower parts are so tightly connected that you can not separate them again without using the lock.

My conclusion

The »Kate« is a multifunctional leather bag for ladies that can be worn as a handbag, shopper, messenger, clutch, laptop or camera bag. The removable inner pocket transforms the »Kate« into a convertible lifestyle and camera bag, providing space and protection for small camera equipment.

The bag impresses with a timeless, elegant design and high quality. It is not only an eye catcher, »Kate« is also extremely robust, I've already used it in the rain and snow. At first I was worried about the bag, but the concern was unfounded. Everything inside has remained dry and the leather on the outside has dried without staining or loss of quality. Even if the bag gets signs of wear after a long time, in my eyes a certain patina makes the bag a real favorite piece that you can not give away anymore.

Good quality comes at a certain price

The retail price of the bag is between 599 € and 699 €, depending on the color and type of fittings. But you get a real gem, with an excellent quality and workmanship. Finest handcraft from Germany, every seam is accurately sewn. I could find no defects.


The natural aging process of the leather will make the bag even more beautiful and unique in my opinion. And those who value such craftsmanship will use the »Kate« for years.


Here you can find out more about »Kate«, e.g. pack examples and color variants: